Book Restraint Revolution The Art Of Adare

Book Restraint Revolution The Art Of Adare

A classically trained evocative artist, Adare’s newest series explores the dynamic cultural identities of the twenty-first century. Using corsetry as a symbol of Restraint & Revolution, Adare’s provocative, noble and intimate portraits appear to breathe on the canvas. Untying the lives behind the labels, Restraint & Revolution collects the amazing life stories of Adare’s inspiring models. A wild, compelling, and captivating read, Restraint & Revolution asks what it means to be a complex cultural, sexual, political,and expressive human prototype.

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Customer Reviews

Brilliant and breathtaking
By vorpal^ on June 2, 2014
I’m fortunate enough to know the artist personally, and was given the pleasure of proofreading this book as it came to life. Rose Adare’s art is stunning, and captures life so beautifully and flawlessly that it never fails to fill me with awe.

This anthology of her work, with insight provided into the lives of her subjects, as well as into the experiences that transformed her into the brilliant artist that she is today, is a true treasure and one that I felt most honoured to read.


A compelling masterful evocative artist who combines the elegant line
By Kay Sundstrom on July 23, 2014
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A compelling masterful evocative artist who combines the elegant line and vibrant palate of realism with subjects that are usually not recognized in the classical culture. Some dazzle with capturing of a moment in time with flawless knowledge and precision. Others seduce with their quiet yet still powerful solitude.

Rich, Delicious, and Satisfying
By Gareth Storm on September 23, 2014
There is so much going on in this book: beautiful photography, delectable drawings and paintings, and fascinatingly eclectic characters studies. Alex and Rose have combined their talents to produce a work that is, for me, food for the mind – and a dish I will keep coming back to taste.

As implied by the title there is a sharpness, a danger to everyday thinking that is endemic to why this work has such appeal. It brings to stunning visual life people and ideas that are on – or in some cases, well past – the edge of what is considered “normal” or “acceptable” by a large portion of society. In spite of this, the people to whom we are introduced are treated with respect and even admiration for their explorations, making it a safe place for those willing to play in their strange world.

I found a great deal of beauty in this book, and did not walk away from it unchanged. If you decide to dive in (and I recommend you do) your experience may be very different, but it will almost certainly be interesting… and worth the effort.

Five Stars
By Anthony Wyatt on July 26, 2014
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Beautiful Art from a beautiful Artist!